Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Huge Nyx Sale Haul

So today I found a HUGE nyx sale at the drugstore. There were 2 boxes full of lip glosses, pigments, and eye shadows. These products are usually $6-10 each. The glosses and shadows were on sale for $1.96 and the pigments were $1.56! I scooped up a bunch and here it is!

As you can see, I went a little overboard... Some of these however are gifts for friends. For myself, I got 2 lip glosses, 4 eye shadows, and 7 pigments, the rest are for friends.
Here are the names of the eye shadows in the same order as the photo above. I'm not going to write them all out since there are so many I just hope you can read the names.
These were the only colors of lip glosses left. I got a sparkly red/brown (plum) and a shimmery light pink (gold mauve).
And finally, here are the names of most of the pigments, for some reason the photo got cut off.
That's all for today, Bye!

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