Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites! (2014)

Hello everyone, I'm back for another favorites post!
I love doing these to reflect on what I've been consistently using lately. I wasn't very proactive this month (what's new?) and I forgot to write down my favorites as I noticed them. I had a little trouble remembering all of them but here they are!

I actually have a re-favorite from last month! I've been using the Benefit World Famous Neutrals most glamorous nudes ever palette ever since I got it! It has very wearable shades and the pigmentation is amazing! I definitely want to eventually purchase more Benefit shadows.

 Another eyeshadow I've been loving I don' think I've ever talked about on my blog. It's the essence eyeshadow in strawberry ice cream. It says new, but it's definitely not new anymore as I got it over a year ago for only $2. I've found it sold at Shoppers Drug mart and I don't go there often so I never remember to try more shades of it.

And lastly for eyes I've been brightening my lower lash line with the Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl kajal eyeliner (that's a mouthful!). It makes me look more awake on the days I don't get enough sleep.

For lips, I've only been using a few products apart from my usual Nivea lip balm.

The first thing is the Maybelline Baby lips in Grape Vine. It's a very subtle berry color which looks great with a very natural eye look! It's also super moisturizing! Check out my full review here!

I debated putting this lip gloss in here because I got it around 4 years ago at Garage, which is a clothing sale! On top of that, it was on clearance for $3 so I highly doubt you could find it anywhere anymore. :( I apologize about that but it is a really pretty lip gloss. it adds a lot of shine and a fair amount of color. It also smells super sweet which is amazing!

A have quite a few face favorites form this month, I've been really into creating a flawless complexion!

First off, I've been blending my foundation with this sponge I received for my birthday. it's from Winners and I like to use it damp. It gives a very natural look. I need to buy a new one, this one's getting a bit old.

I recently purchased (and reviewed) The Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. I really like the appearance of this but I won't go into too much detail as I recently posted a full review.

I've been in love with MAC's fix+ this month! I won't go into too much detail, as I'm planning an upcoming review, but this gives a dewy look and helps my makeup stay for hours!

For cheeks, I've been using the elf blush in tickled pink! It adds a really natural coral tint to your cheeks and I adore it!

Lastly, I have a  random favorite! During the after Christmas sales, I picked up this bracelet form Walmart for only $3! It looks like Pandora and I really love the colors. Quality isn't great, a few things have already broke, but I love how it looks!

That's all of my favorites! I hope you enjoyed, see ya next month!

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