Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Current Wishlist!

Hey guys!
I posted a wishlist similar to this during Blogmas and I had a lot of fun with it so I thought I'd do it again! So here's just a few things I've been really wanting lately, I hope you enjoy!

1. NUDE tude palette by The Balm Cosmetics: $36
This palette has 12 neutral shades which is basically all I wear! Most of them are shimmery and I've heard great reviews on this!

2. Models Own: Indian Ocean: $9.50
This color is so unique and I've never tried this brand. It looks super exciting!

3. Real Techniques, Powder Brush: $10
I've heard great reviews on this brush and I've been searching for a good quality powder brush for a while. I actually recently ordered this online but it hasn't come yet.

4. DKNY Be Delicous: $28-$98
I smelled this at Sephora and fell in love, it smells just like apples!

5. Michael Kors Small Bedford Tassle Pebbled Messenger Bag (Black): $228
Huge doubt that I'll ever buy this but I can still wish! This simple, black, cross body bag is gorgeous!

6. Clinique 3 Step (Intro kit): $26
I've wanted to try this skin care system for a while now as I've heard it works really well.

That's all for my current wishlist!
Bye! =)

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