Friday, February 14, 2014

Cake After Dark 3 Piece Set!

Hello again!
Today I'm coming with another review, this time on the Cake 3 piece set I featured in my boxing day haul! Happy Valentine's Day, by the way!
Anyways, I've been using these products for a while now and I've finally developed my full opinion on them.
There were 2 sets available, one for darker hues and one for lighter hues. I chose darker hues as I have quite dark hair but I've come to regret it. The colored dry shampoo tends to stain my roots an orange/brown color which doesn't look very pleasant. I wish I had gone with the light shade so that there wouldn't be as much color payoff.
I bought this on an offer for only $13 which was a steal considering the retail value of all 3 products combined is $40!
The dry shampoo & body powder is full sized while the other 2 products are travel sized. 
May I add the packaging it unbelievably gorgeous and pink!
I really liked the dry shampoo powder. It soaked up all of the oils from my scalp and added a lot of volume. The only dislikes I have are that it stains my roots and scalp an orange/brown color, and it is very messy to work with as it is a colored powder. I've tried the lighter version before and I quite prefer it. 
Full size: $18
Travel size: $9
I just recently finished the dry shampoo. This smelled great and it worked really well too! It left no white residue behind like most dry shampoos do, and it also soaked up the oil really well. It didn't give as much volume as the powder, but it also doesn't let your hair lie flat. It smelled great too, which was a plus! 
If I ever decide to splurge on a high end hair product, it would definitely be this one!
 Full size: $22
Travel size: $12
As for the Velveteen hand creme, it wasn't anything special. It didn't last very long and it made no difference to the dryness on my hands. It is definitely not worth the high price, and I don't think I would repurchase although it does smell great too!
Full size: $18
Travel size: $10
That's all for my review on this Cake 3 Piece set, I hope it was somewhat helpful and I hope you enjoyed.
The places I've seen this sold are Sephora in store (haven't seen it online), and I even found a dry shampoo powder in the clearance bin at Urban Outfitters!
Bye for now!

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