Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dollar Store Beauty! (Hits and Misses)

I went to the new Dollar Tree in my city for the first time and found a huge beauty section!
The whole store was tidy, clean and stocked with great stuff! I was really suprised.
Anyways, i restrained myself and only bought 3 makeup products. Each cost $1.25 which is a great deal! Here's a "haul" and first impression on each product!

First thing I picked up was this Enregin make up foundation.
I really don't know why I bought this. I had my doubts when I first saw it. Makeup from the dollar store can sometimes be kind of sketchy, especially face makeup. I would definitely recommend reading the ingredients which I did not do until I got home.
I really like the outside packaging, it's very clean and sleek. It's in a tube and the "dispenser" is a little too wide, making the product come out very fast. There are absolutely no claims to this, all it says is apply and blend with fingers. The shade range isn't the best, I saw around 5 shades at my Dollar Tree.
When I put it on, I noticed it had a very thin consistency almost like a BB cream. it also had little to no coverage! I was disappointed, but I also had expected that. It doesn't cover any blemishes, redness or discoloration. It smooths the appearance of your skin a little bit but every imperfection still shows through. It blends easily but it also feels heavy and sticky on the skin. It is not matte, but it also doesn't make you look super shiny.
Here's the part that bothers me. It contains multiple ingredients that you should avoid in your makeup (the underlined ones). It also had tiny black specks in the foundation I noticed when I looked at the bottle closely. I haven't decided if I will continue to use this, but I will definitely not repurchase or recommend to anyone. I suggest staying away from this product, and trying something else.
It was very affordable at $1.25 but I would rather pay a little more for better quality. 

Next, I picked up the Billie mascara in clear. I thought I would try this out as a brow gel!
So far, I really enjoy this. The brush is large and it's a perfect size for eyebrows. It isn't too thick or heavy and when it dries, it isn't too stiff. I would definitely recommend this!

The only downside is the packaging. The brush slides out easily but it is very difficult to get back in The hole is very tiny and the bristles always get stuck trying to squeeze in.
The last thing I got was the L.A. COLORS loose eyeshadow in honey suckle. 
So far I really like this too. It's a really nice shade and it's fairly pigmented. For a loose eyeshadow, it is very tidy and it doesn't spill everywhere. 
It comes with a brush, which is convenient, but it isn't my favorite. The product has a very small opening just big enough for the brush to fit which prevents spills. I think the packaging is really great and useful!
Overall, I was really happy with the makeup section at the Dollar Tree and this proves that you can find good quality makeup for less than $2 you just have to be careful .
Thanks for reading, Bye! =)


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