Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lush Goodies! (Reviews)

I have been waiting to post this for so long!
I went to Lush around the middle of February, and I've been waiting to post about my purchases ever since! I only got 2 things, but I don't usually buy things from Lush so I was super excited.
Without further a due, here they are!

The 2 things I got were the Tree Tree Water toner water, and the Sweetie Pie shower jelly.
The toner water cost $9.95 for 100mL which is the smaller size. The large size (250mL), costs $21.95.
For the 100g shower jelly, which is the one I bought, it cost $6.95. For the large size (240g), it is $11.95. I think these are both fairly reasonable prices considering Lush products tend to lean on the more expensive side. Don't get me wrong, these are slightly expensive, but to me they are luxury bath & skincare products that I'm willing to pay a little extra for once in a while.

I bought the Tea Tree Water because I had been eying it for a while now and I've recently been dealing with some light acne so I was hoping it would help with that. Tea Tree oil has lots of uses such as on acne, minor cuts&burns, infections and tons more! It's a very healing substance.
Having it diluted with water in this spray created a very refreshing mist.
I would actually like to try to create a "dupe" for this since there are few ingredients and it is a very simple product.

This is a face toner and you can spray it directly on your face or use cotton pads. I usually tend to spritz it on my face for cooling benefits. It soaks in fairly quickly and it feels very soothing.
I haven't noticed any major changes in my skin which is a bit disappointing. I can't tell if a few of my acne spots disappeared due to this, or if they healed on their own.
I don't think I would repurchase this since it hasn't done much and I could easily make it myself. It is fun just to try out and I think it will be awesome and refreshing in the warmer months!

The shower jelly is a very interesting product, it looks just like jello! I chose the scent sweetie pie because it smelled amazing! It's described as cherry-coconut.

 It's a purple jelly with a few bits of shimmer and sparkle in it but they don't show up on your skin.
This smells amazing! It's very sweet and summery! It's kind of fun to use in the shower, but it's quite slippery and hard to hold onto. I lathers really well just like a regular body wash and it's not drying at all. I wouldn't buy this often but it's fun for a change. So far I've used this quite a few times and I've only used up about 1/3 of the tub.
I think these are both great products from lush and I'd definitely recommend them!

Shower Jelly 
Toner Spray 

I hope you enjoyed, bye!

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