Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blogmas! 2013

I have a special announcement, which you probably already know form the title, but this December I'm doing Blogmas! Is that a thing? 
Since I don't have a YouTube channel I can't do vlogmas (videos every day of December) so I thought I would try Blogmas. After searching it up I realized it was a "thing". Well, kind of. I found a few blogs that had done it last year and that gave me even more inspiration to do it!

Starting tomorrow, December 1st, I will be posting a blog post every single day of the month (well trying to anyways)! I think typically, people only post up until Christmas (December 25), but I'm going to try to go 'till the end of the month! I can't guarantee a post will be up every single day, as things may come up, but I will try my very best to post as often as possible. 
Since I haven't been posting very often lately, I thought this would give me a chance to make up for that. I will be doing various posts from reviews, to routines, and maybe even some Christmas themed ones!

This is a big commitment for me but I am very excited to try it out!

Again, there is no guarantee I will get a post up every day, but I will try my best! =)
My first post will be up tomorrow.

Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's post!

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