Saturday, June 29, 2013

New drugstore products!

 So I was at the drugstore recently, well, not really. I was at Walmart... 
I saw many new products so I decided to (awkwardly) take some pictures!
The first display that caught my eye was the new Revlon face illuminators. There are four different shades and the two of the right seemed unique and different to me. I swatched the shade on the far left and it was a shimmery neutral color. I didn't buy any but I may try them in the future. They were $14.96.
Just below, I found a display of the new Maybelline color tattoo pure pigments. That's a mouthful! As far as a know they're simply pigments with similar colors to the color tattoo cream shadows.
Just a little close up. These pigments were the same price as the color tattos which are $6.96.
Sorry for the photo quality, I was a bit rushed.
This isn't super new but it came out recently. This display had the new covergirl mascara, which I did a review on. Click here to view it. It also displayed the new eyeshadows and shadow sticks. I honestly don't know much about the eyeshadow products but I think they're pretty simple and basic.
Below that was a messy, half empty nail polish display. These are similar to the covergirl nail polishes but they're actually minis. They're called glosstinis. I don't remember the exact price as I didn't capture it ni the photo, but they were around $3-$4.
More Covergirl! I found these covergirl whipped cream foundation and they seem to be from the clean collection. I don't know the price of these sorry about that.
The last new product display I found was for Revlon lip products. There were a variety of lipsticks and lip glosses in many colors. The purple lip gloss defiantly caught my eye.

That is all of the new products I found at Walmart. I don;t have much to say about each on as I hadn't tried most of them. I just wanted to share some pictures of the new products!

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