Friday, June 21, 2013

New Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara!

I recently picked up the new covergirl flamed out mascara in very black blaze. It was $6.99 at Target I believe. I had been wanted to try it for a while, and I had heard many good things about it. I had seen the brush and it looked very interesting. The packaging is cute colors, but the tube is an awkward size.
The first few times I applied the mascara, it took many coats to build up and look full. But as I used the mascara more often, it became quicker. I think this is because more mascara built up on the brush over time. The curve of the wand gives my lashes a nice, natural curl without even curling my lashes. The mascara removed with ease.
That's all for today! I may not post as often this upcoming week, as I'm going to be quite busy. I hope you understand.
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