Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maybelline baked eyeshadow duo: Bronze Blowout

I always love a good makeup bargain so when I saw this eyeshadow on sale for $2.44, I naturally had to buy it. As far as I know, this product isn't very new at all. I believe it actually came out sometime in 2009! I felt like I didn't have anything like this shimmery, neutral, baked eyeshadow. (Although I most-likely do have something like this).

 Both of the shades are noticably shimmery. The color on the left is a chocolate brown with gold shimmer. The color on the right is a beige/champagne with burgundy streaks and a gold shimmer.

The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is better than I expected. It isn't spectacular but the shadows are fairly pigmented and they show up really well.

The two swatches on the left are each color on their own, and the watch on the right is the mix of the two. The color go very well when they're mixed, it creates a light brown, taupe color which is less harsh than the brown and more bold than the champagne.

The packaging isn't huge, but it's larger than most drugstore eyeshadow probably because the shadow is raised almost like a dome. it still fits nicely in the palm of my hand!

You can probably get this at most drugstore for about $8 full price. Keep your eyes out for good sales like mine! Bye for now!!

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