Saturday, April 27, 2013

Small Haul

Today I went out to the drugstore and picked up a few products! I was pleased to see many were on sale and I found a few things I had been searching for. I took a few close ups and swatches so here they are!

Here's the full haul, not very big, just four little things.

First, I picked up a L'oreal Color Riche Balm in the shade Caring Coral. I had my eye on the Maybelline color whispers and the Revlon lip butters, but this was on sale for $4.99 so I chose this one.  As far as I know these are shear "balm-like" lipsticks. When I got home I noticed this has SPF 15, which is a plus!
And of course when I tried to get the lid off it crushed the top and left a dent. There goes my perfectly flat lipstick. The ocd side of me cringed.
The photo of the swatch I took won't upload but the color is a very shear orange-y coral.
I finally found Nivea lip butters! I had heard so much about them but I could never find them anywhere. They only had the vanilla and macadamia flavor at the store and they cost $3.49.
NYX cosmetics were 25% off so I picked up one of their blushes I had been wanting to try. I got it for $7.50 on sale!
I chose the shade "peach". I personally think this doesn't look peach at all, more of a baby pink in person. However, I love the shade.
Here's a quick swatch of the color. This is a matte shade.

And finally, I bought the L'Oreal Voluminous carbon black mascara. (no photo of that one sorry) This was also on sale for $4.99 so I couldn't resist!

And that concludes my little "haul" I can't wait to come back tomorrow!

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