Sunday, January 29, 2017

Colourpop Haul & First Impressions

Hello! I have been missing this blog so much lately so I am really excited to be posting this. I can't say I'll be back and posting as often as I used to but I'd definitely like to start posting a little more often if I can find the time. Anyways, I recently ordered from Colourpop after they released their new pressed powder eyeshadows! There were a few shades I was really wanting and I have always had the urge to try their matte liquid lipsticks so I went ahead and made an order. The order took about 5 days to ship and after it shipped it came 1 week later. For the most part the shipping was pretty standard and good except for the fact that the highlighter and one of the eyeshadows I ordered came broken :( I contacted Colourpop and they offered a coupon code for the value of the two products which was great. This could be a pretty lengthy post since I like to add lots of pics so get comfy :)

 First of all, I love all of their packaging. The attention to detail is amazing!

 I decided to pick up 3 of their new shadows in the shades Bel Air, Come and get it, and Goody Two-shoes. Not gonna lie, I mainly bought Bel Air because of the name but it turned out to be a gorgeous crease/transition shade.

 I used Bel Air and Come and get it in my look today and I loved them both. Bel Air is the perfect crease shade and it blends so nicely. Come and get it has great pigmentation and is a great pop of color on the lid.

 I also got two Super Shock eyeshadows in I heart this and Bill and sadly I heart this came super broken. I tried to swatch it and it's pretty hard to pick up any product in its condition which is super sad because it looks like a beautiful shade.

 The texture of these is super interesting, it almost feels like a cream when I dip my finger in and it's pretty spongy. However when I swatch it, it comes off as a powder. Haven't tried these out on the eyes yet so I'll have to see how they are.

 The Super Shock highlighter in Wisp looks so beautiful in swatches I saw online and it really is a beautiful color. The texture is the same as the Super Shock eyeshadows. I found it a little harder to get onto my brush than a normal powder highlighter; however once I got it on its a beautiful, pigmented highlight.

Not sure what happened with this one, it looks like it shrunk and shriveled up! I'm wondering if there is something different about the Super Shock metallic formula since both powders that came damaged were metallic shades and the matte shade was fine. I also think it could be caused by temperature change? Who knows.

This is the first cream contour I've ever tried so I can't compare it to much. But I did like it! It blended very easily and gave me a nice subtle, but apparent contour. I did go over it with some bronzer and it looked great! I think I picked the perfect shade (Dove) for my super fair complexion.

 Here's my fave part! I've had a huge obsession with liquid matte lipsticks lately and I had to get more. I got the shades Midi and Vice as well as another set of 5 lip products. I was hoping to find the perfect everyday nude but I don't think any of these are that. However I really love these shades and can see myself wearing them lots. The formula is amazing! So easy to apply and once it dries it stays forever!

 I had to get this set called For Fox Sake because it gives a great arrangement of a ton of different finishes. And the name is great! I was kinda sad that the packaging has black accents instead of silver because I just really love the original silver packaging.

 From left to right: Trap, My Jam, Echo Park, Man Eater, Beeper

The swatch missing a label is Man Eater. (oops.)
 These swatches are too beautiful!! I'm wearing Trap today and it's and amazing "greige" toned nude.

 I came to realize that Come and get it is a pretty exact duper for Angelic from the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette.

And I think that's about it!

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